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Uh Oh! What happened? More turbulence? Oh yeah! You got that right. More top 25 teams fall in the current rankings and the defending champs are what has been said all along...Vulnerable!. The Alabama Crimson Tide suffered a loss to the Aggies 41-38.

In week 5 college football games, many schools had a chance to prove themselves that they were among the elite to make it to the college football playoffs. However, reality did sit in for those that had that dream. Let's start from the beginning:

Week picks are set. Hector and Ovi debate who wins and lose in the upcoming games. Who do you agree the most? Check out the picks and the exciting games.

The Army football team was scheduled to play in Knoxville, Tennessee on September 17, 2022. However, the Tennessee Vols pulled the plug and will not play. Multiple sources stated that Tennessee is scared to play Army and would rather choose a school they can beat on.

Jace, Joe, and Ovi make their picks. Upset special is in the making for this week. Which school will fall? Find out more in the All 4 Downs Podcast.