Ovi's College Football Rankings

Jace, Joe, and Ovi make their picks. Upset special is in the making for this week. Which school will fall? Find out more in the All 4 Downs Podcast.

Week 3 of College Football brought playoff caliber games, rivalries, and surprises. Here are the results and comments about the top 25 games:

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Three Saturdays (Week 0,1,2) and the AP and Coach's Poll have inconsistent positioning the schools in their proper rankings. The Clemson and Georgia game became a defensive game in which it happened. The Oregon and Ohio State game was fun to see and a story to tell on both sides. However, Oregon made a considerable impact to jump the...

1. Alabama's Bryce Young went 19-27, 227 Yards, 3 TDs. It was expected for 'Bama to win over Mercer. But, they did not cover the spread.

If week one was not a sign that more unexpected results would happen, week two was just as crazy. The PAC-12 may have one of their schools reach the playoffs while the Big Ten can see a new top team win the conference championship and the SEC, well, they will still be the number one conference in college football.

All 4 Downs debut the NFL Picks Week 1 with Hector V and Ovi Muniz. Who wins, who loses? Follow the podcast as they make their picks.