2021 WWE Summerslam Match Cards, Outlook and Predictions


One week from Saturday is the second best grandest stage of the WWE Pay Per View (PPV) event that features the top superstars of both Raw and Smackdown clash down at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.   While things are shaping up a spectacular event, here is an outlook and prediction so far of what may take place at Summerslam.

Universal Championship Roman Reigns (C) vs John Cena

I am still riding on Finn Balor to change this match into a triple threat match.  Cena stole the contract after Baron Corbin interfered and assaulted Balor from signing.  Cena took the contract away from Corbin and sent him out of the ring.  Reigns originally declined to challenge Cena and yet Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville persisted to leave that match as is and not give in to Paul Heyman's request.  

The last time multiple superstars main evented Summerslam was in 2017.  Brock Lesnar won the fatal four-way match over Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe, and Braun Strowman.  To add on a condition, the last time anyone cashed in the Money In the Bank (MITB) briefcase at Summerslam was Randy Orton on Daniel Bryan in 2013.  Therefore, there is a strong possibility that whoever wins the main event will be subject to lose to Big E, the 2021 MITB winner.  

*NOTE Baron Corbin did interfere the contract signing.  Could he interfere again?

Raw Women's Championship  Nikki ASH (C) vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Rhea Ripley

This triple threat match does not live up to WrestleMania 35 when Becky Lynch won and became the two-belt champ over Charlotte and Ronda Rousey.  However, we can debate reasons as to why Nikki is the champion and that everyone deserves to have a superhero in their lives.  But the truth is that Nikki is not carrying the women's division and there seems to be a small decline in the Raw Women's Division.  Therefore, I strongly believe that Rhea Ripley should be the superstar to win.  Charlotte can claim about how or why she should win.  But the fact of the matter is that I do not see a feud with Charlotte and Becky.  

I know I am going all over the place with this but with NXT soon to be a aftermath, I can see Rhea creating new feuds with a roster shake up.  Should Becky Lynch return, it would make sense she goes to Smackdown and be with your husband Seth Rollins.  After all, WWE keeps family together.  

WWE Championship Bobby Lashley (C) vs. Goldberg

Lashley is on top of his "A" game thanks to Kofi Kingston motivation speech throughout their feud.  Lashley is focused to be the top superstar in the company.  With Goldberg, the match can signify the best spear of all time.  Yes, Roman Reigns is another champion with the spear but being that this card will probably not last long, Lashley can fine tune the spear and move pass Goldberg and seek for another superstar to destruct.  

Smackdown Women's Championship Bianca Belair (C) vs. Sasha Banks

Banks lost to Belair at WrestleMania.  Both superstars made history as they won an Espy Award in July.  However, Banks feels unappreciative on Belair's conduct and did not thank Banks for the moment.  The Boss seeks to defeat Belair and become a seven-time world champion.  It will be a difficult task with Belair's athleticism.   I am leaning for Banks to win in Las Vegas but, I can change my mind before the match starts.  

Edge vs. Seth Rollins

The debate between Ovi Muniz and Hector Vasquez in the HHWShow Podcast both have credible remarks as to who should win the match.  Watch or hear the podcast by clicking the HHWShow on the menu.  I believe that this is the match for Rollins.  He is close to matching up with Roman Reigns and a win against Edge will place him as the number one contender.  If so, there will be more obstacles for Rollins as more superstars will find a way to make Rollins crazy.   As for Edge, I can see the value of him having an upper hand and regain the opportunity to challenge Roman Reigns again.  My money is on Rollins.  

The Smackdown Tag Team Championship  The Usos (C) vs. The Mysterios

I do believe this will be a great match.  Not outstanding, but just great enough to pass.  However, I so dee the Usos maintaining the title and predict a future match with the Street Profits.  

United States Championship  Sheamus (C) vs. Damian Priest

It is time to pass the torch.  Sheamus is a mainstream, main event, headliner that can stand tall to any heavyweight champion.  With that said, Priest is capable to make the US title prestigious again.  I am choosing Priest to win and maybe have a Keith Lee match in the future. 

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