Northeast Wrestling (NEW) is an independent professional wrestling promotion that has returned.  In their inauguration from their absence because of the coronavirus pandemic, NEW had an all star match cards full of 3 hours, nonstop action.  The main event featured the champion Brad Hollister versus Keith Youngblood for the NEW Live Championship.  

Before the match, Hollister attacked Youngblood delaying the official start of the match.  They battled outside the ring with each giving their all.  When they both brought themselves back in the ring, the referee signaled for the official bell to start the match.  At the end, after the brutal beating and numerous counters from Hollister, the Rare Breed's adrenaline kicked in and the fans chanting "No more waiting", "Keith", and "Youngblood."  Youngblood executive his signature move and pinned Hollister to a three count for the victory.  

Youngblood becomes the third superstar to be the NEW Live Champion.  

Here are the following images of Northeast Wrestling - Resurgence. For more information on NEW visit their webpage --->  Northeast Wrestling