Aaron Rodgers put himself there!


Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers were knocked off by the San Francisco 49ers 13-10 as the time expired from Kicker Robbie Gould's winning field goal. Rodgers became the first quarterback in NFL history to lose four playoff starts to the 49ers. Could Rodger's tenure with Green Bay or the NFL be the end? Rodgers has a lot of uncertainty as he decides all his options in the offseason. However, let's not give him a discount double-check with all the drama that started since the last NFL draft. He put himself in this position, and here is why.

Rodgers did not want to enter this season as a "lame-duck quarterback" during one of his media conferences. He felt he wanted a more prominent voice in the room regarding personnel and having a seat at the table. If that is the case, he should have done that when he became a starter or won a Super Bowl. What has Rodgers done throughout his tenure with the organization? A person with so much stardom and not having decision-making with personnel is crazy. I can elaborate that he must have seen how Tom Brady functioned with Tampa Bay and realized, "Why did he not do that with the Packers?" Rodgers may have wanted to help the organization better, but the Packers have always succeeded before him and will continue to do so after him.

Packers won the first Super Bowl in NFL history. Fast forward to the 90s, the fans witnessed the legend, Brett Favre. The Packers fans were lucky to have Aaron Rodgers to supersede him. Favre and Rodgers both have one Super Bowl ring. Reaching the Super Bowl is arduous, and not everyone can be like "Tom Brady."

Rodgers played politics throughout the season and made himself better than the league. He suffered a toe injury and played hurt through the season. Then, he tested positive for COVID-19 and led the media outlet to believe he was vaccinated when he did not receive the vaccine. Rodgers went almost weekly on the Pat McAfee show, which FOX Sports and ESPN talked about so much. It seemed Rodgers was the face of the NFL. That helps other teams not have the spotlight unless you get a DUI or arrested.

The bottom line is that Rodgers put himself out there so that the media and social outlets can meme and say what they want to say about him, not in a good way.

Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers will have many narratives about what happens behind closed doors. Unfortunately, Rodgers will not have an opportunity to complete his goal and reach the Super Bowl. Rodgers has an exemplary aspect of his future after football. The big question will be, "What will he do next?"

The Green Bay Packers are ready with Jordan Love, drafted in the first round in the NFL Draft 2020. He only played six games this season but looks promising for the Packers' future.