Actions can cost you an advantage


A superstar decided to be brave enough to showcase feelings on a certain legend in the wrestling industry.  Many twitter fans reacted to the action that may cost a future spot in the top wrestling promotion.

AEW star Max Caster took a shot at Vince McMahon after following the news of his return to the WWE.  McMahon retired in July 2022 after several reports about his alleged misconduct.  Caster, who is one-half of The Acclaimed in AEW, and a superstar to other wresting promotions, expressed his thoughts by tweeting a picture of him flipping a bird at McMahon's Walk of Fame star in Los Angeles.  

Maybe, there is a behind a scene story that the fans do not know about.  Regardless, a standard has to be made on the conduct of a superstar.  The actions in the ring should not be effected on what goes on outside the ring.  It is a strong possibility that Caster will never step foot in the WWE.  One of my favorite tweets is from Krosstown (@Zeketowndown) "Maybe you should focus on the company you're in.  It'll be more entertaining."