Alexa Bliss Clawed at the End.


Smackdown on Fox ended with three strong storylines that have the audience tuned for anticipation for next week - Naomi & Lacey Evans. Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose, and THE FIEND with Alexa Bliss. It has been a while since WWE put on a collection of segments quite like this to have social media buzzing. The most talk about is "The Goddess" Alexa Bliss.

In the July 31 main event, Nikki Cross had another opportunity at the Smackdown Women's Championship. Unfortunately, she was not successful as Bayley hit the "Arm Trap Headlock Driver" for the finish to retain the title. After the match, Bliss tried to comfort Cross. However, she got shoved and left alone in the middle of the ring. That is when "The Fiend" made his presence.

He stood over Bliss. The Fiend stared at her as he extended his arm out. He proceeded to apply the Mandible Claw.

This action was a big surprise. However, if you pay attention to Smackdown's opening, Bray Wyatt mentioned that he went back to the swamp to look for Braun Strowman. Like the Super Mario Brother game where Mario saves the Princess, Wyatt's tactics to lure out Strowman and have him fight The Fiend and attempt to rescue Bliss during the process are what may entail. There is speculation that Strowman will appear next Friday. What about if WWE steered the Universe in a different direction? Here are some scenarios:

Scenario 1: Braun Strowman appears on Smackdown and confronts Bray Wyatt at the Funhouse. Later, he is the ring face-to-face with The Fiend, and Bliss is at a corner inside the Performance Center tied up. It is a big tease to promote a match for Summerslam. In the end, Strowman rescues Bliss and forms a romantic storyline.

Scenario 2: Alexa Bliss changes into a new character and is now Sister Abigail or Sister Bliss. It was never about Strowman. Since the Fiend is a character that changes superstars' status, Bliss turns heel and starts a feud with Nikki Cross. Bliss's new appearance will be a full black niqab style with evil intentions to eliminate Cross and conquer Sasha Banks and Bayley.

Scenario 3: Bliss is The Fiend's puppet. She will be micromanaged or be in some spell that The Fiend will command.

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