AskSCW Q&A38! Drake Maverick WWE Storyline! Greatest Wrestling Match Ever? Io Shiari To Main Roster!


#AskSCW Q&A Episode 38! Answering your questions in the Wrestling Community! Featuring WWE, NXT, Impact Wrestling & More This week's topics include... 

* Drake Maverick WWE Storyline 

* What's Next For Drake Maverick 

* What Is The Greatest Wrestling Match Ever? 

* Io Shiari Coming To WWE Main Roster! 

 * WWE Backlash 

* Braun Strowman vs Miz & Morrison Storyline 

* NXT Cruiserweight Champion Fantasma Turning Heel? 

* Forgotten Sons Future 

* WWE Championship Match At SummerSlam 

* Why Has The Fiend Bray Wyatt Been Absent From WWE Tv? 

* Female Joining Seth Rollins' Faction? 

* Zachary Wentz & The Rascalz 

* Brian Pillman Loose Cannon Gimmick 


* More NXT Themed Takeover Events After NXT Takeover In Your House