Asuka vs. Sasha Banks II


In what was thought that Sasha Banks won at Extreme Rules to become two belt champ is false.  The referee was sprayed with a Green Mist mistakenly by Asuka that blinded him.  Bayley took initiative by taking off the referee's shirt and wore it to become an official.  Bayley counted to three for Banks as she took the championship belt and ran with it.  

On Monday night Raw, Stephanie McMahon congratulated every success of championship belts except the Raw Women's Championship.   It is confirmed and clarified by the Chief Brand Officer that the outcome of the match is a "no-contest."  Therefore, Asuka is the current champion and will defend the title once again on July 27 episode of Monday Night Raw.  The stipulation of the match will be with a title changing via pinfall, submission, disqualification, count out, or interference.