Bad Things Come in Threes


I read a blog from Madeleine D'Este about bad luck comes in threes.  I am aware that deaths do come in threes for celebrities.  But there were other points in the blog that grew my mindset.  There is a common pattern in our lives.  A man and a woman together create a child.  In Christianity and other religions, there is the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost (Spirit) in which represents one all empowering God.  Although there is a saying, "Third time is a charm," for Baron Corbin, the charm has turned into a curse. 

On June 18th, Smackdown on Fox, Corbin lost his crown by Shinsuke Nakamura.  He had lost three of the last five singles matches against the "King of Strong Style."  Consequently, Corbin lost his music and had his car repossessed during the tag team match last Friday.  Corbin did address his issues with Kayla Braxton that he had lost hundreds of thousands of dollars.  We are all witnessing the meltdown and depression on Baron Corbin.

Life can give, but it can also take away without warning. Corbin, who is portrayed to be better than anyone as a "King" and bullying others, has found himself in which many would say "Karma." But for someone that is experiencing a similar situation like Corbin, it could lead to grief and loss

We are seeing the signs of a person that lost something he loved. Dr. Sheri Jacobson, a retired senior therapist, identifies that a person can experience mood swings, feeling tired, not wanting to do usual activities, anxiety and depression, sleep problems, and feeling vulnerable. These that I mentioned are what we are seeing on Baron Corbin at this moment.

What is a person to do when experiencing such loss? How do you overcome this depression? If you or anyone you know is experiencing a similar situation like Baron Corbin, experts state that "Don't beat yourself up." Give yourself time and do some digging. As such, rest and do something to clear you to mind. Giving yourself time will allow you to think straight. Worrying about something that is out of your hands will get you nowhere. Doing some digging means investigate. After clearing your mind, you can start focusing on the problem and finding solutions to solve the problem.

Most importantly, it is always good to talk to someone. Talk to a family member, a friend, or an expert. You should not feel that you are living on an edge.  

As for Corbin, Adam Pearce or Sonya Deville, who have assumed duties as an authority figure, can recommend Corbin to see someone.  In 2012, Daniel Bryan and Kane sought help and became tag team champions.  Maybe that will help Corbin to become Happy Corbin and become a titleholder.