Baron Corbin Frustrated


Fightful News reported that Baron Corbin is unhappy with the planned feud with Matt Riddle. In developing a storyline, Corbin (The King) eliminated Riddle at the Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble. Two weeks ago, Riddle was in an altercation with Corbin during his match with Intercontinental Champion A.J. Styles. On the main event on Smackdown, Riddle joined the party by executing the Flowing Bro on Corbin. However, Corbin is not pleased with Riddle's fast push as he believes Riddle should have wrestled five different superstars before challenging him.

I believe the King should have more of a push than having a newcomer Riddle. WWE has a way of making a King a jobber than a rising star. The King should be one level less equivalent than a WWE Champion or Universal Champion. The crown is not prestigious when the holder loses more than he is supposed to win. The Monday Night Messiah is acting as a King on Raw and is more of a threat than a King on Smackdown. Therefore, I understand Corbin's frustration with the writers and with Vince McMahon (the approving authority).

Should Baron Corbin be given a higher opportunity and become a world champion? Let us know below.