Becky Lynch's mindset showing difficult task


On Monday Night Raw, Becky Lynch s stood face-to-face with Rhea Ripley talking about a possibility of a match between them at WrestleMania.  Lynch knows that in order to have that match, she must win the Royal Rumble.  It is intriguing about the whole idea is the mindset of Lynch.  Lynch stated, "But there's this thought, this voice in my head, the things that keeps me awake and it's asking and questioning and saying to me....." (with a long pause)..."I think you might be better than me."  Lynch went on to say that in order to prove that she is better than Ripley, she has to take the title away from her. 

One thing is certain - Rhea Ripley is at her prime and on top of the women's division.  Lynch is able to be honest with herself and let others know the truth.  Furthermore, Lynch showed her attitude on how she viewed her current situation.  It may be a negative attitude or it can be a positive.  

Negatively, a bad attitude can undo the hard work to achieve the final outcome.  And that is to become the world champion again.  In a different approach, changing the mindset is the key for a positive attitude.  Lynch has put herself out there to confront Ripley.  She is willing to accept the challenge.  Her short term goal is to win the royal rumble.  Her long term goal is to choose Ripley and defeat her to be the world champion.  The list is a difficult challenge.  Lynch has to go through 29 other superstars to earn that ticket to main event WrestleMania.  

Lynch declared her entrance to the royal rumble.  Other superstars have declared for the royal rumble: Nia Jax, Bayley, and Bianca Belair.  Nia Jax defeated Becky Lynch in a singles match.  Lynch may face her again during the royal rumble.