Being a Champion is Not Everything


Hard work pays off when you really work extremely hard to reach your goals from your efforts.  In doing so, you are recognized by a show of appreciation, recognition, award, money, promotion, and etc.  

Drake Maverick received a notice that he would no longer be a WWE Superstar and his last match was for the cruiserweight championship tournament.  Wednesday night, Maverick fought hard, gave it is all, and unfortunately, came out short.  El Hijo de Fantasma pinned him for the three count and won the Cruiserweight Championship.  

Maverick received a great reaction from the crowd and gave thank you to the WWE Universe.  Upon leaving the ring, Triple H met him at the straight away and presented him with a new contract.  

The moral of the story is that hard work pays off.  Drake put his soul into his in-ring performance, worked hard off camera, and caught all the attention in the wrestling community.  Therefore, Drake Maverick remains as a WWE Superstar.  Congratulations!