Butch Reed


On February 5, 2021, Butch Reed passed away due to heart complications.  He was a professional wrestler best known for his time in the WWF and WCW.  Originally, Reed played at the University of Central Michigan.  He had a short ride with the Kansas City Chiefs.  In 1978, he began wrestling and earned the name "Hacksaw" in Mid-South Wrestling.  

With WCW, he worked along side with Ron Simmons as a two-time tag team champions (NWA & WCW).  They were the hottest tag team in their era.  

In the WWE, Reed was managed by Slick.  His new nickname was "The Natural."  He feuded with Tito Santana and at WrestleMania III, Reed defeated Koko B. Ware.  

Reed wrestled for over 10 wrestling promotions.  He held championship titles except with WWF.  He was famously known for his finishing move called the "Gorilla press slam."

Reed's manager were Theodore Long, Hiro Matsuda, Slick, and Woman (a.k.a. Nancy Benoit).