Cena's WrestleMania Opponent Revealed


John Cena returns to Smackdown on February 28, 2020, the day after Super Showdown. The #WrestlingCommunity social media and journalists report potential opponents for Cena. Ringside News H. Jenkins reports that Cena could go after his 17th major title versus the Fiend. If so, Goldberg would have to lose at Super Showdown to have Cena call out The Fiend.

Inquisitr journalist Lorenzo Tanos reported the same as Jenkins and added that Goldberg and Roman Reigns be a lock for WrestleMania.

On Wrestling.pt, Bernard Barreiros believes Cena would face Elias. Cena appeared on WrestleMania 35 with his thuganomics and confronted Elias. Cena put him to the ground in a quick segment. Now, Elias is a babyface and the fans love him. Should they both challenge each other at WrestleMania, Elias would have to turn heel. A scenario would have Elias hit Cena with his guitar. However, Elias has Sami Zayn and Cesaro to deal with in their "interruption storyline."

On the Wrestling-Edge, DK posted an article that Dave Meltzer, from Wrestling Observer Radio, confirmed Elias is the opponent and not King Corbin. This discussion happened on their podcast with Bryan Alvarez.

How much of this is true? Cena did state that if he were to come back for WrestleMania, it would have to be legit and be worth it. Cena is no longer a full-time performer as he is dedicated as an actor. The WWE Universe would love to see Cena break the record of the most world titles - tied with Ric Flair with 16. Logically, there is unfinished business with Elias but he is now babyface. King Corbin would not have an opponent so it would make sense Cena vs the King probable. On the other hand, Samoa Joe never said anything nice to Cena. What if Cena is on Smackdown in case there is a mishap in Saudi Arabia where the superstars were not able to come home on time? Or, the WWE is seeking more ratings for Friday night knowing it is crunch time for the Elimination Chamber, and one month away from WrestleMania. It is very hard to determine but here is my prediction:

  1. Cena enters the Elimination Chamber (Universal title match at WrestleMania)
  2. Cena challenges Elias (Elias stays neutral for the crowd as WWE stands for Walk With Elias)
  3. Cena faces King Corbin (The Kind will lose his crown at WrestleMania)
  4. Cena invites CM Punk for one more match
  5. Cena calls out Undertaker one last time
  6. Cena will bring his tradition back and offers an open challenge to any superstar for WrestleMania.

What is your prediction on Cena's potential opponent?