CFP Committee to vote for 12-team playoff format


ESPN broke the news that the college football playoff committee is considering a proposal for expansion to 12-team format. While many believe that the reasoning is about money and profit, it makes sense to expand after observing the rankings and placements of college football teams in the bowl games, especially for the National Championship. The proposal seems to be well thought, well planned for the members to approve for a historic change.

According to Heather Dinisch, the ESPN Senior Writer, the proposal was written by the subcommittee with consolidated efforts by the SEC, Big 12, Mountain West commissioners, and Notre Dame's athletic director. The 12-team format will consist of the four highest-ranked conference champions, seeded 1-4, and receive a bye week. The 5-12 ranked teams will play the first week. The winners will take on the top four teams. The higher seed will have home-field advantage. However, the quarter finals and semifinals would be played in bowl games plus, the national championship game would be played at a neutral site. As mentioned, the top four teams will be conference champions. No conference champion can be ranked within the top four. For example, Notre Dame can only be ranked as high as number 5 because they do not fall into a conference. Independent teams would not be eligible for a top seed.

The bracketology will be voted by the selection committee. There is no guarantee on rematches of teams that have been played throughout the season or are from the same conference. Needless to say, the committee will attempt to place teams that could have an opportunity to play in the playoffs. Imagine if the 2020-2021 season had a 12 team format? Here is an assumption of the playoff format.

A meeting will take place on June 17-18 in person for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic.  Should the members agree on the proposal, then the plan will move forward to the CFP Board of Managers in Dallas, Texas, on June 22.  Then, should the plan be approved, another meeting will be scheduled in September.  Therefore, college football playoffs will continue with a four team playoff until the Presidents and Chancellors agree when the changes be implemented.  

Overall, the 12-team format will be best suited for all colleges.  We have all witnessed players not playing in the bowl games.  The excuse is that they are planning to enter the NFL Draft and do their best to avoid injury.  Others opt out because there is no value to the games.  Dropping out of bowl games leaves underclassmen a chance to play and allow coaches to evaluate their players for the next season.  In such, the game loses the excitement for the fans that watch the games.