Chaos on AP & Coach's Rankings

CBS Sports
CBS Sports

 Three Saturdays (Week 0,1,2) and the AP and Coach's Poll have inconsistent positioning the schools in their proper rankings. The Clemson and Georgia game became a defensive game in which it happened. The Oregon and Ohio State game was fun to see and a story to tell on both sides. However, Oregon made a considerable impact to jump the ladder. But other schools have yet to be physically challenged because of a weak schedule. So how can you be fair in judging the schools to the appropriate seeding or rankings?

With Ohio State losing to a ranked team in Oregon, the AP dropped them from three to nine while Coaches have them at 11. That is a significant drop for having played a ranked team. The Buckeyes do not deserve to fall so hard, at least not yet.

Clemson, who lost to Georgia 10-3, remained at six in both polls. It would make sense for Clemson to move up one since Ohio State lost their game. All of a sudden, Oregon is much better than Clemson because of one game.

Ole Miss, Wisconsin, Arizona State, BYU, Miami are ranked in the AP Polls. There are similarities in the Coaches Poll but have Oklahoma State ranked 22 and Miami unranked.

LSU had a setback but still deserves to be ranked. How did they go from ranked 16 to not be ranked at all? UCLA are contenders in the PAC 12 in which started unranked. UCF, Texas, Liberty, and Michigan State are among schools that deserve to be ranked in the top 25.

Bottom line, there is just massive turbulence in the top 25 that the voters are trying hard to compete with the CFB Playoff Committee, which begins on Tuesday, November 2, 2021.

While the media outlets are pointing out panic meters at programs that are believed to be struggling, I think all eyes should be focused on how the AP and Coaches Polls are deciding how the rankings are being calculated.

It is no wonder we have a CFB Committee because of how things are being managed and voted. Furthermore, the colossal of having more teams in the playoffs has become an ongoing topic.

C'mon, man, let's get this right.