College Football 2022 Season Outlook


The 2022 NCAA Division I football season will enter its 153rd season. The regular season will begin on August 27. So far in the offseason headlines, the college football playoffs will remain four teams. The talks for the expansion are no longer. It is unclear if the conversation will be brought up again, but for now, the game is just fine to vote for only four teams. There has not been any evidence of needing many more teams as the non-power five conferences have not made any impact against top conferences such as the Big Ten and the SEC.

The NCAA will be reviewing the NIL policies to make sure that there are no potential recruiting violations. It has been determined that there can be a possibility that the endorsements for athletes and future athletes can persuade them to select or transfer to certain schools without the focus on academics and mental health.

In the game, the NCAA football rules committee made a strong emphasis to enforce rules in 2022.

  1. Any taunting action toward an opponent will be penalized.

  2. Automatic unsportsmanlike conduct penalties will be imposed on a coach who leaves the team area or goes onto the field of play to argue with the officials.

  3. Officials are to be more alert to players significantly in violation of uniform rules and to send violators out of the game to correct the issue.

James Madison (former CAA conference) will join the Sun Belt Conference this season. Marshall, Old Dominion, and Southern Miss are also expected to join the Sun Belt.

The AP and Coach's Polls will not be out until August. However, I happen to prematurely create a Preseason Rankings:

1 Alabama

2 Georgia

3 Ohio State

4 Oklahoma

5 Michigan

6 Clemson

7 Notre Dame


9 Texas A&M

10 Texas

11 Oregon

12 Ole Miss

13 USC

14 Florida

15 Cincinnati

16 Michigan State

17 Baylor

18 Oklahoma State

19 Penn State

20 Auburn

21 Kentucky

22 Pittsburgh

23 North Carolina

24 South Carolina

25 Florida State

Georgia are the defending champions but Alabama seems to be a better team to start the season. The Bulldogs may lose 16 players to the NFL draft. Alabama will have 13 players leave and possibly enter the NFL draft. But, they do have young talented players with experience. Bryce Young, the Heisman winner, will enter his junior year and possibly his last season with the Crimson Tides. Ohio State's quarterback, CJ Stroud, who was considered a Heisman enters his sophomore year and is expected to shine.

Too early of a prediction but the final four for the 2023 College Football Playoffs may be Alabama, Texas A&M, Ohio State, and Baylor.

Again, it is too far to determine how all the transfer portals, red shirts, and recruits will turn out by the time the season starts.

Games to watch out for:

Notre Dame at Ohio State

Oregon at Georgia

Utah at Florida

Alabama at Texas


Army vs Navy