College Football Coaching Hot Seat


By Jace Garcia

Earlier this week, the college football season's first coach firing took place as South Carolina fired their head coach, Will Muschamp. With this being the first coach firing of the season, that brings up the question of who is next to go? Which then also brings up the follow-up question of who are the best replacements for those fired coaches? I am here to outline which other coaches are on the hot seat and might find themselves without a job this season and be the best replacement coaches.

The coach who has been on the hot seat for a long while and his time coaching should be coming to an end sooner rather than later, the Michigan Wolverines head coach, Jim Harbaugh. At first, Wolverine fans started calling for Harbaugh's job when he could not beat the school's biggest rival in Ohio State, which you can't blame him because Ohio State has been dominant in the B1G. After starting the 2020 campaign 1-3, Harbaugh's days at Michigan are numbered and his only hope to remain at Michigan would be a miracle upset win over Ohio State, and that is if he is still the head coach on December 12th. Another coach who might be in their waning days as a head coach is Stanford's, David Shaw. Shaw has had success in the past with key talent in Andrew Luck's senior year and Christian McCaffrey, but Shaw has not rekindle that magic in recruiting or on the field production. Under Shaw, Stanford has gone from a contender in the top of the PAC12 to a joke in the PAC12, and it's time for Stanford to move on.

A coach that deserves one of those top jobs, especially after this season, is the Coastal Carolina head coach, Jamey Chadwell. Chadwell came into the Coastal Carolina program in 2019 and led them to a 5-7 record, which then he has turned into a 7-0 campaign thus far this 2020 season. Coastal Carolina has been one of the most surprising teams to watch this 2020 season and Chadwell deserves an opportunity at a big-time power 5 job after this great season. Another coach that could get a chance at a big school is the current offensive coordinator for the Carolina Panthers and former offensive coordinator of last year's historic LSU team in Joe Brady. While Brady does have a nice gig calling plays on Sundays, it's about time he gets his head coaching job. His offense was completely unstoppable out of nowhere at LSU so that he would have a lot of success as a head coach at the college level. The last coach that I think can land at one of the top spots is former Ole Miss head coach from 2012-2016 and current head coach at Liberty, Hugh Freeze. Freeze did not lose the Ole Miss job on the field. He lost it outside the field with allegations of calling an escort service. But Freeze has redeemed himself with a lot of success at Liberty and could be in line to land back at a power 5 coaching job.

Only time will tell with the coaching firing. If those mentioned or any other coaches get fired during the rest of this season or at the end of the season Jamey Chadwell, Joe Brady, and Hugh Freeze will be at the top of the list for any school as their new head coach.