College Football Recap - Week Two


If week one was not a sign that more unexpected results would happen, week two was just as crazy.  The PAC-12 may have one of their schools reach the playoffs while the Big Ten can see a new top team win the conference championship and the SEC, well, they will still be the number one conference in college football.  

It started with Coastal Carolina.  The Chanticleers continued to defeat Big 12's Kansas three straight seasons as they will coast up through the rankings.  

Georgia did not play J.T. Daniels but that did not matter.  Georgia blew away Mercer.  Alabama won their game and both schools remain on top of the rankings. 

On the other hand, Oregon made a huge impact that can shake things up in the top ten.  The Ducks traveled to the shoe and defeated Ohio State 35-28.  USC lost to unranked Stanford 42-28.  This may presumably stop all talks about USC being contenders.  Clearly, Oregon is the top PAC-12 team and the only school to ever reach the college football playoffs.  The Ducks may do it again.

The Texas A&M struggled to get by Colorado.  Their starting QB Haynes King injured his right lower leg in the first quarter.  Aggies won 10-7.  

The close and upset games were still to come.  Iowa defeated Iowa State in an epic game 27-17.  The Hawkeyes are potentially the favorite in the Big Ten.  They defeated two straight ranked Big Ten teams (Indiana and Iowa State).  

Miami Hurricanes barely got by Appalachian State 25-23.  And, ranked 21 Utah fell down to BYU 26-17.  

This has been the first normalcy season since the start of the pandemic.  Because of this, we can see some more upsets and turbulence within the rankings.  For the All 4 Downs crew, here is our latest record in our picks.  It mirrors Week 2 chaos.