College Football Week 15 Review


Week 15 Review

"It doesn't matter how great your shoes are if you don't accomplish anything in them." -Martina Boone.

Maybe that Florida's DB Marco Wilson message was trying to send at LSU Tight End Kole Taylor. During the fourth quarter of a tied game, Taylor stopped on third down, resulting in LSU to punt the ball. However, Wilson gave LSU an advantage with his rebellious attitude and total disregard for the importance of winning the game by throwing Taylor's shoe. The referees threw yellow flags resulting in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. LSU would move the ball down into field goal range for kicker Cade York who drilled a 57-yarder to take a 37-34 lead.

Florida had a chance to tie the game with 23 seconds left of the game. However, kicker Evan McPherson's 51-yard field goal attempt failed while time expired. LSU upsets No. 6 Florida that pretty much cost them a potential college playoff.

If Wilson had avoided the penalty, Florida would have had the ball tied with an opportunity to move the ball, eat out the clock and win the game. Instead, Florida will only try to play spoiler next week against No. 1 Alabama at the SEC Championship.

No. 21 Colorado blew a 21-10 lead and lost to Utah, 38-21. Colorado's loss allowed USC to clinch a PAC-12 conference spot.

And about USC, they were able to come from behind for the third time this season and defeat UCLA 43-38. USC had close calls with Arizona State and Arizona. But this victory was more memorable. USC has been gliding in hopes of making the college playoffs. USC (5-0) will challenge Washington in the PAC-12 conference championship.

Georgia surged past Missouri in a 49-14 win. It is their third top 25 victory this season. Head Coach Kirby Smart finally has a valuable quarterback, JT Daniels, behind center. He went for 16-of-27 passes for 299 passing yards with three touchdowns. However, Zamir White and Daijun Edwards added the balance with the rush attack combining 23 carries with 229 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Georgia's Wide receiver George Pickens caught two touchdown passes.

Army defeated Navy 15-0 at Michie Stadium. It was the first victory at home for the Army and the first time since 1969 that the Army was able to shut out the Navy. The game on-campus was also the first time the rivals played since 1943. The Army had a 3-0 lead throughout the first three quarters. Then, the Black Knights piled on 12 points by a touchdown, safety, and a field goal. The Midshipmen had one opportunity inside the goal line but stopped by a notorious Army defense.

The All 4 Downs Podcast finished the regular season picks. Hosts Ovi, Jace, Sean, and special guest, Justin tied with ten wins this weekend. Overall, Jace wins the regular season College Pick 'em games with 96 wins. The picks were the most competitive event in CMG Sports Network history - Sean (94), Joe, and Ovi (93). This Wednesday, the crew will recap week 15 games, evaluate the top 25, predict the conference championships and college playoffs. Tune in to the All-4-Downs Podcast on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, on Wednesday, 07:30 PM ET or hear the podcast in your favorite podcast application (Spotify, Amazon, Google, Apple, and more).