College Football Week 16 - Conference Championships


So who are the best teams in College Football? It's quite obvious that to even be considered, you have to be in a Power 5 Conference, and more specifically, in one of the three Big Boy conferences (Big Ten, ACC, and SEC). The Chairman of the Selection Committee is responsible for placing the four best college football teams into the playoffs. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder.. and this is nothing more than a beauty pageant.
In the Power 5, every single loss can be excused, rationalized, downplayed and eventually just ignored. But, If you aren't in the Power 5, you not only have to be undefeated, you will even get penalized for having open dates. Cincinnati has dropped each of the past two weeks, while Ohio State sits at 4.
When Committee Chair Gary Barta was asked to explain why the top two teams in the rankings are in that spot, he said "Alabama is undefeated ... Notre Dame is also undefeated ..." but, so are Cincinnati and Coastal Carolina, ninth and 12th, respectively, but their being undefeated is somehow different.6th ranked Iowa State, with its 2 losses, is now ranked 13 spots in front of Louisiana, the one-loss team that beat the Cyclones 31-14... in Ames... to start the season. Iowa State is also somehow six spots ahead of undefeated Coastal Carolina, who BEAT Louisiana, who BEAT the Cyclones..
The Big 12 went 0-3 against the Sun Belt, which is the conference of Coastal and Louisiana. You can talk about Hawaii all you want, but that would be ignoring the fact that BCS Busters are 5-3 in BCS bowls, and 4-2 in BCS bowls against opponents from the Power 5 conferences.I think we all understand the importance of strength of schedule and head-to-head matchups, but what about the actual eye test. Throughout the pandemic, college teams have sacrificed and risked their health to play the game. Schools have played 11, 10, 9, or the minimum six games. How can you evaluate a team that has not played enough games against quality opponents? This year, with so much turbulence, it is only right to select the most deserving school that played hard, did not shy away from competition, and won every week. Who are the best top 4 teams in college football?