Concern on the XFL


XFL has completed two weeks with success. The ratings are good and it seems as though the league will finish the season. Just like the NFL, every team that finishes last is questioned on rather or not a top college football team can defeat the last place NFL team. What would be the answer? Hypothetically speaking, there is no college football team, a national champion, that has defeated an NFL team nor do I expect it to happen. It has never been scheduled. How about the XFL? My answer will still be "No

The same I will say about the best XFL team versus the worst NFL team. Players on the current XFL roster are mostly athletes that have been bounced around from team-to-team trying to land a spot in the NFL. They are in the practice squad or either second string and below. You can create an all star XFL team and they still will lose to any NFL team but can manage to defeat any college football team. Schwartz reported on SBNation that in the NFL, there are scouts that can examine a player and breakdown teams' playbook to determine the correct formula to advance the skills of a player. XFL does not have scouts in play. The XFL is a fast driven game compared to the NFL that they react rather than deliberately execute a play.

We can expect the XFL to be a viable league, hoping the rating will remain in tact and ticket sales remain similar like week 1 and 2. The biggest challenge will be the start of MLB with their cheating scandal drama, College Basketball Conference playoffs and March Madness Tournament covering the weekends of March and first weekend of April. Also, NBA is finishing off their season as teams clinch their seeds in the standings for the playoffs.

How can XFL stay consistent? Should the XFL complete their season and get set for a follow on season, the players would not return to the league because they accepted a contract with the NFL. We are getting to know these players and I hope they return for another season. The league can have another Drew Brees, Tom Brady, or a Peyton Manning that can be the face of the XFL. However, should the XFL turn into a college program, it may be a one or two year completion.

The XFL will survive. Vince McMahon waited patiently and did not rush to success. Let's hope they put on a great show so that the audience and viewers remain supporting the league.