Controversial Win for Drake Maverick


    In a chaotic triple threat to start the show, each man desperately fought for every inch in this contest. Kushida went off on both men with his technical style, and he looked to be easily the favorite to pull through.

    However, as the Japanese Superstar trapped Jake Atlas in the Sakuraba Lock, Drake Maverick slipped in and draped an arm over Atlas to take the surprise three count.

    Drake Maverick, Kushida, and Jake Atlas were involved in a chaotic triple threat match.  each superstar fought to their last drop of sweat.  At the end, Kushida hit the Sakuraba Lock on Jake Atlas.  Drake Maverick slipped in and draped his arm over Atlas and the referee counted to three.  Drake took the surprise win.  But, should he had won the match?

    Kushida had two legs across Atlas in the Sakuraba Lock.  Atlas's shoulders were planted on the mat.  With Drake on top as well, there should had been two winners.  The referee only awarded Drake the win.  As a result, Drake will challenge El Hijo De Fantasma for the Interim Cruiserweight Championship.