Controversy matches left unanswered


The Horror Show left many in question about what is going on with the Raw Women's Championship, United States Championship, and the main event.

Raw Women's Championship - Sasha Banks left the show with Bayley wearing all the belts. Asuka green mist referee Eddie Orengo that blinded him. It met for Banks but luckily, she got out of the way. Bayely took off Orengo's shirt, wore it, and counted the pinfall in favor of Banks. WWE has not made it official as to Banks becoming the new champion. How can WWE allow the match to end the way it did? If we learn from the past, here are assumptions or predictions of what may happen?

  • Bayley gets suspended or fined for roughing the referee.
  • Sasha Banks gets the belt taken away from her
  • Asuka and Banks part 2 with Kairi Sane and Bayley banned from ringside.
  • The rest of the women's division turn on Banks and Bayley and become chaotic.

Apollo Crews, not medically cleared, did not show up. MVP won by forfeit. Here is the problem - You cannot win a championship belt without an opponent. You must pin or submit your opponent to win the title.

MVP announced he won by forfeit without a referee presence. He claims he is the new United States Champion.


  • Two United States championship belts will collide at some point. When will Crews appear on television?
  • Cedric Alexander or Ricochet may challenge MVP
  • The storyline builds with two US belts at Summerslam.
  • *What will happen with Bobby Lashley?

The Fiend was the last person on-screen when the PPV ended. Bray Wyatt presumably the victorious one. However, the Fiend rose, and Wyatt's laugh echoed to the end. Strowman did not surface above water. Is this a continuation of Smackdown?

Many unknown answers to so many questions. What is your take on all this?