Damian Priest built up tension may have consequences


After Damian Priest defeated Jey Uso to retain the World Heavyweight Championship, Priest reminded JD McDonagh and Finn Balor that he can handle things himself and is in charge. But the fact is known for the actions McDonagh and Balor contributed to the victory.

Judgment Day is a faction that started with no leaders as they built their empire ousting former WWE superstar, Edge. Priest is making things his way which is not fitting. It is almost like trying to change someone automatically and expect that it will work. Sadly, Priest may find himself more frustrated as he tries to be clean in his victories. Judgment Day has always outnumbered their rivalries and made statements to prove they run the WWE. In Priest's point of view, he cannot trust Dominik Mysterio and JD McDonagh because they lose all the time. Balor is floating his way in the faction and Rhea Ripley is out due to injury. Everything is a mess and soon enough, it will catch up with Priest.

While Damian priest currently holds the prestigious title of WWE World Heavyweight Champion, it's uncertain how long he can maintain this position. The match against Jey Uso was a close call, and one could argue that Uso could have emerged victorious without the distraction. This raises the question of whether Priest, if faced with a similar situation, would be able to handle his own members and prove that he can handle everything on his own.

Prediction: Balor and McDonagh will turn on Priest. It will be a repeat action in what they did to Edge.