Deville taken into custody


Sonya Deville was arrested for gun possession in New Jersey.  According to TMZ, An Atlantic City valet discovered the firearm in her glove compartment on February 19.  Deville is schedule to appear in court later in March.  

Deville does have a permit to carry but only  in Florida.  It is understandable that she is carrying wherever she goes because of an incident that happened back in 2020 when an obsessed man broke into her  home.  Deville and her significant other escaped and dialed 911.  

There are just a few things to think about this:

1. How does a valet person discover the gun?  Was that person being nosy or did the compartment self-open?

2. If anyone is traveling with a gun, find out fist if the state you are going to supports your permit.  Contact your local authorities before travel for more details.