Do Pro Wrestlers need Unions?


I found an article that was dated back in November 30, December 1, 2014.  It was an interview by Jim Varsallone, Miami Herald, with CM Punk and Kevin Nash.

A union does not exist for pro wrestlers.

Former WWE and WCW superstar Kevin Nash said in a summer interview with me: "People say, 'Well, you don't have pensions. You guys don't have this. You don't have that,' and it's true. We don't. We don't have a pensions like the NFL and like Major League Baseball does, but we're also 1099s. We're independent contractors. That's your job to set up your finances. Though, now the company [WWE] also has people who are financial planners. If you don't have a financial planner, and you're one of the young guys breaking in, the company can take care of that for you."

Pro-wrestling superstars are independent contractors that sign deals to be involved in the business.  In such, we read and hear superstars signing into a program but we do not know as to how much money they earn unless it is leaked to the public.  As stated above, there is no pension or extra benefits that goes outside the wrestling program.  You wonder if this is a time that pro-wrestlers stand up and fight for the right to have a union to protect the pro wrestlers from being terminated so quickly or allow those to have more than one business at hand.  After all, they are independent contractors and their focus is about making money.  

Overall, as an independent contractor,  an agreement is made with the company or owner.  You must abide by the rules.  If you choose to challenge the system, you may be subject to termination.  WWE warned all employees about Twitch, Cameo, and third party applications.  In such, Vega opened a Only Fans account that has a monthly subscription of 30 dollars.  

On the other hand, WWE could had helped their employers to build more into this and make it more of a business. Could Vega's termination cause a domino effect?  Could we see superstars leave or WWE find a way to bridge the gap and collaborate to a better success, especially in this pandemic era.