Dominik Mysterio playing dirty.


It was in 2020 that Dominik Mysterio gained attention as not only Rey Mysterio's son but also his debut to the WWE. He would later become the WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champion along with his dad. However, things took a turn. In 2022, Dominik betrayed Edge and his dad at the Clash at the Castle event. He aligned himself with Rhea Ripley, Finn Balor, and Damian Priest.  

The father-and-son rivalry resulted in a WrestleMania 39 match card. Dominik tried to use a chain and cheat his way to victory. However, a celebrity named Bad Bunny prevented Dominik from using the weapon and suffered a loss from Rey. The rivalry would slowly drift away until last Friday on Smackdown.

Dominik appeared surprised and interfered in Rey's match versus Santos Escobar. A match that banned LWO and Legado Del Fantasma members from the match still left Escobar with an advantage, with Dominik playing a pivotal role.

But the biggest question has to be asked - Is Dominik going rogue? Why is he helping another faction? Or does he really want another match with his dad at WrestleMania?

There has always been a rumor that there will be one member who will leave Judgment Day. While many believe Damian Priest may be the superstar to move on and focus on the world heavyweight championship, it is hard to look at another direction with Dominik's action. Dominik's loyalty to Judgment Day seems relevant and without question all-in. But his actions and attitude changed with Andrade's presence in Raw. Then, he glows with Santos Escobar, the leader of La Legado del Fantasma. What is the end game for Dominik? We should all get the answer on the next episode of Raw.