Don't Call it a Comeback!


If you love old school hip hop, "Don't Call It A Comeback" quote comes from LL Cool J's song "Mama Said Knock You Out." That was 1990 and this year "2020" we sang the song again as the LA Wildcats down 17-0 and at the most, 24-6, made history by climbing back each possession after each to win the game 41-34. Wildcats' Josh Johnson first possession was an interception. The team on both sides of the ball looked lost with no energy. But somehow, they pulled together. Johnson threw 20-of-36 completions, 288 passing yards, and four touchdowns. He also ran seven times. Receivers' Blacknall, McBride, Barnes, and Hampton each scored a touchdown.

Vipers QB Cornelius was hot in the first half. He rushed for a touchdown in the second quarter making it a 16-0. Later, threw a pass to Tolliver, 16 yards for a touchdown to make it 24-6. IN the second half, the offense could not maintain momentum as they suffered three and outs, allowing more time for the Wildcats to catch up. Cornelius' numbers were more impressive than Johnson throwing 65% completions with 300 passing yards. He threw two touchdowns but also threw two interceptions. Cornelius fumbled the ball when sacked which was recovered by the defense and scored a touchdown.

Week 6: Tampa Bay hosts St Louis; Los Angeles travels to Seattle