Eye Can't Believe It


It has been two days since Extreme Rules 2020 and it was defintitely a horror show.  TMZ called a comparison scene from the movie "Kill Bill" where Mysterio had his eye pooped out of his head.  

Mysterio announced the stipulation on Seth Rollins that the match would be "an eye for an eye" match.  Towards the end of the match, Rollins took control and shoved Mysterio to the corner of the steel chair on the same eye he had injured previously.  Rollins walked away and when he turned around, he noticed the eye ball hanging.  He barfed (or puked) upon viewing what was done.  

In reality, Mysterio is just fine and the storyline played out well for the horror show.  For those that wanted Rey to win, it was reported that he is currently working without a WWE contract.  It is unknown if Rey signed a new deal or just contemplating in moving on to another platform or retiring.  

Rey Mysterio is 46 years old and has been wrestling since 1992.  He is the Master of the 619, The Biggest Little Man, and The Ultimate Underdog.  His resume with WWE is listed below:

3x World Champion

2x Intercontinental Champion

2x United States Champion

4x Tag Team Champions - with Edge, Rob Van dam, Eddie Guerrero, and Batista

3x Cruiserweight Champion

2006 Royal Rumble Winner

Grand Slam Champion

Best Flying Wrestler 1995-1977, 2002-2004

Rookie of the Year in 1992.