Fantasy Wrestling


WrestleMania 37 is coming soon (April 10 & 11) and the HHWShow crew are getting ready to play fantasy wrestling. Fantasy wrestling is a role-playing and statistical game in which real players select their favorite superstars and compete one another. There are a lot of similarities compared to NFL, NBA, and MLB fantasy sports. HHWShow will host its first fantasy wrestling by broadcasting live on social media. Here are the following rules to the game:

Before the event starts, players will randomly be selected as to who will go first. The picks will be done in snake standard. For example, the first person to pick in the first round will then pick last in the second round.

Once all players choose their favorite superstars, they will proceed with the point system.

Point system

At the start

10 points for singles match

10 points for tag team matches

15 points for triple/fatal threat matches

15 points for singles/tag team conditional or stipulation matches

20 points for championship matches

5 points for a draw

During the match

1 point - regular hits and smacks

2 points - chairs, ladders, tables, and other items under the ring (foreign objects).

2 points - counterattacks

4 points - signature moves

5 points - finishing moves


Championship win - 25 points

Battle Royal - 25 points

Defended the title - 15 points

Winning a match - 20 points

Losing the match - 0 points

Draw - 5 points

Eligible superstars must be participants in the WrestleMania matches. Therefore players must only choose superstars involved in WrestleMania during the two-day event.

We welcome the listeners and followers to play along with us as we get ready to select and see WrestleMania. You can also try it at home with your family and friends.