Gargano shows off trophy case after defeating Ciampa

Bobby Melok published an article about a Twitter picture posted by Gargano. It showed that he was running out of room in his small trophy case. Gargano is rejoicing over the victory on Ciampa thanks to his wife Candice LeRae. There will not be any more matches between the two superstars while they are in NXT. What could be next for Gargano? 

He is a former NXT Champion, former North American Champion, former NXT Tag team champion, and the first triple crown winner in NXT. Gargano has defeated superstars - Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, Kassius Ohno, Cameron Grimes, Velveteen Dream, Ricochet, Aleister Black, and more. The current titleholders in NXT does not seem logic at this point to chase after. 

 Possible matches that he can create a feud is with Velveteen Dream and Adam Cole. He has defeated Dream but lost the NXT title from Adam Cole. Cole stated that Dream does not deserve a title shot. Could a match between Dream and Gargano be in the works?

Gargano and LeRae left the gym center after defeated Ciampa. If you looked closely inside the black vehicle, Killer Kross was keeping a low profile. Kross may be seeking for his next opponent in a high profile match. Could it be either Gargano or Ciampa?  If Gargano believes he is the badass of them all, a match with Kross would be outstanding. 

 There is no rumor for Gargano in a possible move to another brand. I think that remaining in NXT will only indicate that he is due for a NXT title again.