Gargano's jinx related to Trump


NXT started their show on Wednesday with Gargano spinning a classic wheel of names.  The spin resulted in choosing Leon Ruff as the competitor and a chance to win the North American Championship.  For Gargano, he was out to prove that he can hold the title for over a month.  

Since March 2020, Leon Ruff has been with WWE. He has never won a match. His last victory was with EVOLVE, February 21, 2020, against Troy Hollywood. In NXT, he was 0-7 (Wins/Losses). With nothing to lose, Ruff performed very well. Some may say he exceeded his talent to another level, showing up on Gargano. During the match, Damián Priest showed up in the crowd and watched how the match was developing. Then, "a shot was heard around the world" as Ruff took Gargano down with a crucifix to get an upset victory.

Genuinely, this is a shocking moment in WWE NXT history. While many are talking about this all over social media, WWE creators and writers have a way to tell a story that resembles real-world events. As such, President Trump lost the election. On the night of the election, he proclaimed victory that he had won the election despite that the voting count was not over. He would give a speech two days later that he had won easily with all the legal votes. Trump went on to rant on Twitter and called on his lawyers to stop the count.

Gargano went backstage, seeking Ruff but exchanged words with Priest. He would later confront the General Manager, William Regal, to call back the title match and back the belt.

However, Regal was not buying anything that Gargano had to say.  

What will happen next?

I would expect Gargano to have his rematch and reclaim the North American title and make history once again as a three-time champion.  

If I were Leon Ruff, I will enjoy the title run as it may look like he will have it around his waste for 14 days.