Georgia remains dominant, everyone else not so much


If we learned anything from the first College Football Playoff Rankings, the teams need to win convincingly to move up, not just win the game. Many teams did not meet those expectations in week 10. I start with Cincinnati (9-0). The Bearcats held off Tulsa 28-20, but there were so many mistakes on both sides of the ball that Cincinnati barely got upset. Cincinnati should have won over 22 points and failed again to look dominant.

Michigan State will drop from number three after losing to Purdue 40-29. The Spartans could not handle being the top team in the Big Ten.

Wake Forest, in which All 4 Downs agrees that the team and the ACC overall are overrated, lost to North Carolina 58-55. Despite Wake Forest being ranked number nine, they were the underdogs to an unranked opponent.

Baylor lost to TCU 30-28.

Texas A&M and Auburn were the only ranked teams to challenge each other. The Aggies shut down the Tigers 20-3. Auburn is another overrated team that probably should not be ranked in the first place. However, this game should be a decision to leave them out.

Both in the SEC, Mississippi State and Kentucky lose their games and should also be considered to not be in the top 25.

Minnesota ranked 20 lost to Illinois 14-6. It is hard to understand how Minnesota and the entire West Division be ranked in the top 25.

Teams that showed up to play were Georgia 43-6 over Missouri; Michigan 29-7 over Indiana, and Notre Dame over Navy 34-6. With Notre Dame's victory, how could we imagine Cincinnati being a top 4 team when they defeated Navy 27-20.  

Based on the results of Week 10 games, here is my Week 11 Top 25.  BYU and Army are other teams I voted but did not make the cut.  

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