Guardians First Road Win


The New York Guardians (3-2) defeated the Dallas Renegades (2-3) 30-12. Things were getting out of control as a brawl broke out after the interception by Renegades' Josh Hawkins. As Geoff Magliocchetti reported on, "A player from each side wound up getting ejected.." Guardians Left Tackle Jarren Jones and Renegades Defensive End Gerald Rivers were ejected from the game. The officials should have taken a closer look by using the replay to see all parties involved. Renegades Defensive End Frank Alexander avoided disciplinary action as he initiated the brawl and Guardians Center Ian Silberman continued to instigate throughout the game.

Focusing back in the game, both teams struggled to do anything right in the first half. For the Guardians, they had momentum but make careless mistakes to not finish their drives.

In the second half, Guardians regrouped and started executing plays. They outscored the renegades 24-6 in the second half to win their second straight game. QB Luis Perez completed 16-of-30 passes for 229 passing yards, one touchdown and one interception. The best play for Perez came in the third quarter where he threw a deep pass to Pearson and ran it for an 80-yard touchdown with a 2 point conversion for a 20-6 lead. The running game was impressive as the Guardians used five different players to rush the ball. RB Victor had more carries with 15. QB Williams had one attempt to rush for a 1-yard touchdown.

For the Renegades, the offense did not click. They are missing QB Landry Jones who suffered a knee injury last week. QB Phillip Nelson filled in for the team. 77% of the offense were all passing. The running game did not factor against the Guardians defense. Nelson threw 28-of-49 completions, 210 passing yards, and threw two interceptions. He was hit 10 times and sacked three times. The only touchdown renegades scored was Walter's 97-yard kickoff return to shrink the lead 27-12 in the third quarter.

Week 6: New York will host Houston; Dallas travels to DC.