Guardians Survive!


NY Guardians survived a close game as they defeated the LA Wildcats 17-14. Luis Perez started as Quarterback for the Guardians but Kicker Matthew McCrane helped by kicking three Field Goals for the win. Perez and the offense looked sharper than any other week. However, the Wildcats' defense was good on the other side. Last week, Head Coach Kevin Gilbride promised change in which many thought he threw the entire team under the bus. But, the team responded with a positive attitude and the players showed improvement.

As for the Wildcats', they held the Guardians to three points in the second half but the offense at times did not look in sync. QB Josh Johnson went 25-of-40 pass completions, 330 passing yards, and two touchdowns. Most of his misses were due to inaccurate throws. Wildcats had the last possession of the game with 33 seconds on their own 8 yard line. Of seven plays, three were incomplete, one 18 yard pass and two short passes. It was 3rd down and 10 at their own 39 yard line and three seconds left and the Wildcats attempted to do a miracle play which resulted in a penalty.

Week 5: Guardians travel to Dallas; Wildcats host Tampa Bay.