HHWShow Podcast: Memorial Day & Weekly Review


Opening Segment
Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Each and one of us on the show has lost someone in the battle. Today on our show, we want to honor the men and women that made the sacrifice. We will never forget them. They are our true heroes. 

 We like to also pay our respects to Shad Gaspard and Hana Kimura as they passed away this past week. And finally, this one hit close to me and my family, my Aunt passed away yesterday. M condolences to everyone... God Bless us all!

Topic 1 Intercontinental Championship Tournament

1, AJ styles now permanent to Smackdown. Any changes on who wins the title?

2, Sami Zayn may return and feud with the winner

3, Braun Strowman in another handicap match vs Miz & Morrison; What happened to The Fiend.

Topic 2 The new US Champion Apollo Crews

1, Seth Rollins , The Messiah and his disciples

2, Drew McIntyre vs Bobby Lashley How will Brock Lesnar fit in this picture or will he move to Smackdown?

3, Asuka vs. Nia Jax

Topic 3 NXT Matt Riddle vs, Timothy Thatcher in a cage match with special guest referee Kurt Angle. Matt Riddle moving to Smackdown sooner than later. 

The Takeaway

Apollo Crews winning the United States Championship. How he overcame the obstacles and showed "Grit."Git is courage and resolve; strength of character How he started...how he was a jobber...how he was an afterthought..and the BIG PUSH
Bobby Lashley with MVP or his wife Lana
MVP is in his ear...Lana a distraction...when do you listen to other people? How would you know what is best? How can you tell if the direction you are going is good or bad? What the gut says compared to taking the risk. Examples

Listen to the podcast and give us a feedback.  

Thank you for listening.