HHWSHOW Podcast - WrestleMania Part 1


*Special Guest, Rob Base talks about his podcast and WrestleMania matches. 

**Want to get involved in a new bracketology? The HHWSHOW, The Hard Hittin' Wrestling Show Podcast, created a new Mania Challenge. The fantasy tournament bracket consists of 64 legends and superstars. Before we begin broadcasting the winners, the HHW Crew will gather their notes and vote who will win each round. We need your help to vote by submitting your picks on Twitter by using #ManiaChallenge. Who will be the Final Four? Who will be the champion? Listen to the podcast here, or on your favorite podcast app for the results.Methodology - by Ovi Muniz (Twitter - @ovimuniz)The names selected were based on WrestleMania appearances. There were several names, especially those that were tied with four appearances. The seedings were based on accomplishments and achievements in WWE only.How we are selecting the winnersThe HHW Crew consists of three to five members. We need your to submit your picks using Twitter #maniachallenge as we add them to our list. Each week, we will announce the winners round by round.ScoringThe scoring will be similar to March Madness Brackets. The first round will start with one point. Points will keep doubling for each round. The participant with the highest points wins the #maniachallenge.AwardThe HHWshow is giving away gift cards for the winner. Depending on the number of participants, we will give away three gift cards for the top three.RulesThe #maniachallenge is a free fantasy pro-wrestling event with no affiliation with the WWE. This is only for entertainment. Participants will only need to provide their name and email if selected the winner of the tournament. The only way to know if you won the tournament is to listen to "The Hard Hittin' Wrestling Show" each week. The first round will be announced on April 8, 2020. You must submit your brackets no later than April 5, 2020, at 03:00 pm EST.Why play this game?The Mania Challenge is the only place where you can hear your results directly from your favorite podcast application