Houston Stays Undefeated; Questionable Ending


The XFL is at its midway point of the season and it started with Seattle Dragons at Houston Roughnecks. The Roughnecks (5-0) remain unbeaten as they defeated the Dragons (1-4) 32-23. The game turned out to be as epic as any other game seen but finished in an unprecedented officiating that left the commentating team confused and the lack of attempt from higher officials to ensure the completion of the game.

The Dragons were up 14-0 with RB Williams scoring a rushing touchdown and a 2 point reception by Proehl. But things started to go down hill as the Roughnecks shook off their rust and brushed off the mistakes made in their possessions and started to climb up. Roughnecks's QB PJ Walker connected with Holley for a 50 yard reception touchdown. Before the half, RB Butler ran up the middle for a on yard touchdown. Adding Holley for a 2 point reception, the score became 14-14 at the half.

The momentum of the game was in favor of the Roughnecks. Despite being down 23-14, PJ Walker kept the team intact allowing Butler to rush for another touchdown and later threw a pass to WR Phillips for a touchdown. The score was 26-23 in the fourth quarter with 09:08 left of the game. It was the Roughneck's first lead of the game.

It was 2nd down and 8 yards to fo in Seattle's 11 yard line where PJ Waker threw a short pass to Phillips again for a touchdown to make it 32-23.

However, the game was in PJ Walker's hand as he was supposed to eat out the clock. He did not follow the coaches instructions on making sure he ate out the clock by throwing a long hail mary throw. It was fourth down and 23 yards in their 26 yard line when Walker took the snap and he kneed down. The clock should have stopped at three seconds left. There was no call for a review and no signal for the referees to relook at the time. The officiating crew ended the game and ran out of the field. The higher officials in the booth knew the mistake and took no consideration or the responsibility to make an attempt to get things in order. They made a decision to not pursue and end the game. If the officials did their duties, the Dragons could have had one last attempt to try and tie the game with 26 yards to go. Here is the XFL statement regarding the game:

"Saturday's Seattle Dragons-Houston Roughnecks game should not have ended as it did. Replays showed clearly that the knee of Houston Quarterback PJ Walker touched the field, rendering him 'down' and the fourth-down play officially completed, with approximately two seconds remaining on the clock - effectively turning the ball over to Seattle on downs. WIth a nine-point differential in the score, Seattle was denied an opportunity to tie the game. The XFL sincerely regrets this error.

In addition, Wes Booker, who served as officiating supervisor for Saturday's game, has been reassigned."

Houston: PJ Daniels completed 27-of-38 passes, 351 passing yards, three touchdown passes and threw two interceptions. His QBR is 104.2. Cam Phillips was targeted 13 times, caught 10 passes, 122 reception yards, going 48 yards long, and scored two touchdowns.

Seattle: BJ Daniels was targeted as the number one trend throughout the game as the coach asked him if he can read. In such, he threw 14-of-22 passes for 114 passing yards. Daniels rushed for two touchdowns. RB Williams ran for a touchdown.

Week 6: Houston travels to New York; Seattle will host Los Angeles.