Is there another KofiMania run?


During Monday Night Raw, MVP had a moment with Kofi Kingston. He reminded him about how special it was to see the rise of KofiMania and win the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania. However, to summarize the message from MVP, he stated that Kofi does not have the grit like The Almighty, Bobby Lashley. MVP went on to belittle Kofi's handshake with Drew McIntyre after the match last week. One has to wonder at what angle or what goal the MVP is trying to accomplish.

The New Day participated in a tag team battle royal and came out short to become the number one contender for the tag team titles. Later, Kofi defeated Riddle in a singles competition. In comparison with Kofi and Xavier Woods, Kofi is a grand slam champion. However, Woods is part of the ten-time champion with The New Day. Kofi believes in family and friends because it motivates him. But, does family and friends carry over to business? MVP thinks differently and doubts Kofi will ever have another KofiMania opportunity unless he assists him.

Could this scenario play out for a future Bobby Lashley vs. Kofi Kingston? Will the New Day split up? Or is this an add-on segment to throw a curveball to the WWE Universe? What is your take on this? Leave your comments below.