Jimmy did it twice on Jey...Why? The Rock and Roman Reigns possible Civil War

Jimmy interfered again.
Jimmy interfered again.

If there were any indicator that the Intercontinental Championship would have been tainted, it would be the jealousy of one man - Jimmy Uso.

Jimmy Uso intervened in Cody Rhodes's match against Drew McIntyre in the opening match of Monday Night Raw. In the main event, His brother Jey Uso was about to become a new Intercontinental Champion until Jimmy hit the bell that stopped the referee from counting to three.

Jey lost the match and was assaulted by Jimmy with several splashes. The civil war is confirmed and will be a WrestleMania 40 Match.


Are the Bloodline in a Verge of a Civil War?

There are too many signs not to acknowledge. Recently, Jimmy Uso assaulted his brother and prevented Jey from winning the Intercontinental Championship. The act has happened for the second time. Jey Uso lost the Undisputed Heavyweight championship against Roman Reigns because of Jimmy. Jimmy versus Jey will likely occur at WrestleMania 40.

On the other hand, The Rock is standing tall with Roman Reigns. But what if that is all just an act? In the first Monday Night Raw of 2024, The Rock commented on taking a seat at the table. Later, Cody Rhodes asked The Rock for his advice. Indeed, Rhodes wants to be not only a champion but also the one to take everything away from Roman Reigns.  

Things went with a twist as Roman Reigns declared a match against the Rock for WrestleMania in Las Vegas during the kickoff show. Rhodes interrupted and explained that it was not his decision. Therefore, Rhodes flipped the script and will now challenge Roman Reigns at the main event of WrestleMania. With insulting words, The Rock pulled a Will Smith playbook from the Oscars and slapped Cody.

The Bloodline is believed to be more vital than ever, with the icon and the Tribal Chief together. With the Usos battling each other, it does not seem like the Bloodline is stronger or together.

Whatever this is selling, I am not buying it.  

The joke will be on Roman Reigns.  We will see The Rock vs. Roman Reigns but not in this WrestleMania.  It will be at 41 but with Cody finishing his story first and then The Rock starting a civil war with his own Bloodline.