Jimmy Uso Arrested Again (Update)

Photo: TMZ
Photo: TMZ

Follow up news:

According to the Escambia County Jail View, Uso, who's real name is Johnathan Fatu, was booked just after 1 a.m. Tuesday, July 6.  He was released at 9 a.m. on a $500 bond.   It is Fatu's second DUI arrest in the Northwest Florida region.  

According to the arrest report, Fatu drove a white Dodger Charger driving 50 MPH and failed to stop at a red light.  Officers pulled him over and smelled alcohol.  Fatu was given a sobriety test and a breath test.  He failed both tests and was taken to the Escambia Country Jail.  

According to WrestleVotes, WWE officials were not happy with Jimmy Uso.  There is no word as to what will take place.

Prediction: As discussed on the HHWShow Podcast, It is frustrating to see WWE Superstars get into a messy situation.  However, those that commit the crime must do the time.  Nobody is immune to consequences. Therefore, Jimmy Uso should receive a suspension and mandate an alcohol rehabilitation treatment.  

The WWE has a policy that prohibits superstars from using or consuming alcohol at any time within a 12 hour period to any WWE event or WWE scheduled performance.  The WWE or Vince McMahon need to amend the rules and treat it like a substance abuse.  

July 6, 2021

TMZ reported this morning that WWE Superstar, Jimmy Uso, has been arrested for DUI.  Uso blew a .202 and .205 BAC that is well above the Florida's legal limit of .08 Blood Alcohol Level.  

In 2019, Jimmy was arrested for DUI in Florida but was later dismissed.  It is hard to determine what outcome Jimmy will face now that he blew way over the limit.  Florida law states that if a person that blows over the limit can receive a minimum none months in jail.  

In WWE Smackdown, Jimmy was humiliated and taken out of the equation by Edge.  Should WWE creative team or Vince McMahon use that to their advantage, it would be a great point to dismiss Jimmy from WWE until he seeks help and settle his law issues.  Maybe, Jey Uso can return and assume his duties as Roman Reigns' side kick.