John Madden dies at age 85


As the world is learning about the passing of John Madden, I like to reflect on how Madden meant to me.  It first started by watching the game on television - Madden with Pat Summerall.  As a kid, I tuned in to the action and the sound of Madden with his "Boom, Whap, Bang, doink", and many more sound effects.  That carried over when I playing football in my background with my friends saying those sound effects.  

When I got older, I learned the offensive and defensive plays.  I watched on how receivers caught the ball. Most importantly, I understood the rules of the game as Madden explained it so well.  

The John Madden games were awesome to have.  It made you feel like you were in the game.  I can be the head coach, the coordinator, and player at the same time.  However, there was one true myth about the Madden game that would let fans know the outcome of the follow-on season.  Whoever was on the cover of Madden was more likely to be out for the season.  The Madden curse was the jinx for the player and the team.  

I can honestly say that because of Madden,  I fell in love with the game.  The game itself has become a national sport, greater than the national pastime of Major League Baseball.  

Today, we can still play the game and do much more. 

December 28, 2021 will be "the" day to remember him always.  It should be called Madden Day.  There will be no other person to replicate what Madden has done throughout his career.  

#RIP John Madden.