Karrion Kross wins with a price


The most heated rivalry took place at NXT Takeover XXX between Keith Lee and Karrion Kross. In the beginning, Lee came out strong showing the strength and weight he carried.  Lee would collide with Kross and put him down on the mat.  Kross did look vulnerable but was able to maintain his momentum.

After, Kross was relentless as he accepted everything Kross gave him.  He threw back over and over again.  Lee and Kross executed their signature moves to have the edge to victory but would not fall completely.

Finally, Kross was able to hit the second Doomsday Saito on Lee for the three-count.  Kross is the new NXT Champion. 

However, Kross may had injured himself throughout the process. According to Triple H, Kross suffered an injury that is potentially a separated shoulder.  He is being seen by medical specialists and we should see on Wednesday if he will make an appearance.  

Should Kross take time off to recover should not be a problem.  There is not a NXT superstar ready to play with Kross's timer.  Kross has dominated the NXT since debuting in April 2020.  More to follow on his status.