#ManiaChallenge: Midwest Region Round 1


John Cena vs Mark Henry

Mark Henry battled John Cena. Henry faked his retirement to get his chance for the WWE Championship. Henry placed people in the Hall of Pain but could not defeat Cena. The vote 5-0.

Hulk Hogan vs Big E

Hulkamania that lifted the WWF in the 80s trumps the Booty O's and the positivity of Big E. The people would be behind Hogan in this match. Hogan is one of the longest reigning champions whereas Big E had the Intercontinental Championship for a short while. Hogan 4-1 vote.

Kurt Angle vs Nikolai Volkoff

Angle wins with a broken neck. The vote is unanimous 5-0.

The Rock vs Smash

"Can you smell what the rock is cooking!" The Rock 5-0.

Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog

These two superstars had an incredible career. Bret Hart had better success despite being even in singles competition. They were tag team partners. Hart receives the vote 5-0.

Kane vs Rick Martel

Kane is a monster while Martel became a pretty boy once he left Tito Santana as a tag team partner. Kane had one of the greatest debuts in WWE history.

Ric Flair vs Ted DiBiase

Flair wins unanimously with a 5-0 score.

Jeff Hardy vs Roddy Piper

Hardy is the high flying athlete that can battle to an extreme. Hardy proved to be on top as a grand slam champion. However, Tyler disagrees and believes that Piper could eliminate Hardy.

Hardy wins 4-1 vote.