#ManiaChallenge2020: East and Midwest Round 2


In the East Region, Edge remains as number one seed by defeating Roman Reigns. A majority decision has Shawn Michaels advancing over Sheamus. Batista was unanimously chosen over Andre the Giant. Brock Lesnar got the can in a surprising upset as The Big Show wins in a 4-1 vote.
In the Midwest, John Cena advances to the dance over Hulk Hogan. The Rock and Kurt Angle had many similarities in charsima, in-ring performance, and mic skills. However, the People's champ leads the way. There was no decision on Bret Hart or Kane. It was locked in a dead tie. Social media viewers and podcast followers had a split decision. Therefore, both will advance to the dance. Rick Flair ends the show by a majority decision 5-4 resulting in the first scheduled triple threat match in the tournament. Ric Flair vs Kane vs Bret Hart in the Regional Semi-finals.