#ManiaChallenge2020: East Regional Round 1


Ovi Muniz, Hector Vasquez, Frank Cuesta, and Tyler Bard

Special Contributor, ArmChair Wrestling Podcast 

East Region

Edge vs. Hercules

The vote was unanimous for Edge. The resume and accomplishment were much more significant.

Owen Hart vs. Roman Reigns

Reigns go in 4-1 vote. Unfortunately, Hart's life was cut short due to a fatal accident during a pay per view event. For Reigns, he continues to drive on, especially with his health issues.

Sheamus vs. Randy Savage

The vote was 3-2 with a massive argument on who is better. All parties had valid points, but Sheamus received the majority vote. The 80s did not have many championship opportunities compared to the merge with WCW. Now, there are four notable titles to include King of the Ring and the Royal Rumbles.

Shawn Michales vs. Jim Neidhart

Michaels vote 5-0.

Batista vs. Yokozuna

Batista's statistics and accomplishments outnumber Yokozuna with a 5-0 vote.

Kofi Kingston vs. Andre the Giant

Hector stated that this would be a great debate. He feels as though Andre did not get a fair chance or treated right to his status. The 7'4 529lbs against Kofi in Hector and Tyler's view that Kofi would win based on accomplishments and the will to overcome the obstacle. Frank responded with sarcasm that there was not a chance for Kofi to beat Andre. Kofi did not last long with Brock Lesnar to even consider for the win. Andre wins 3-2 votes.

Brock Lesnar vs. JBL

Frank started with the win stats that were not close to the facts on his case. Lesnar left the business and later returned. However, Tyler found it very difficult to decide because he cannot stand Lesnar being a part-timer. Ovi stopped the madness even to vote two-to-two with one match between the two. Lesnar defeated JBL. Hector broke the tiebreaker explaining how Lesnar is a brute-force athlete that has not demonstrated any wrestling moves. He voted Lesnar in a 3-2 majority decision.

The Big Show vs. Crush

Big Show received a 5-0 unanimous vote.