#ManiaChallenge2020 Official Start


Welcome to The Hard Hittin Wrestling Show. We are entering Season 4 called The Mania Challenge. And that is because the HHW Crew and I will be discussing several types of matches to include dream matches, matches from the past, and comparisons of each wrestling match in the bracketology. The word Mania comes from the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Here is how I created this tournament challenge:

I selected 64 legends and superstars with the most WrestleMania appearances. Then, I gathered all their accomplishments to establish a proper seeding. I do understand that the seeding can be placed in several ways. However, the focus on the seedings are based on all accomplishments achieved throughout their tenure in the WWE.

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog on the website, hhwshow.com,and social media - Facebook and Twitter - about #mainachallenge2020 and the chance to win a free Gift Card. We are giving away $100 Gift cards for first place, $50 for second place and $25 for third place. However, should participants be less than 25, then the gift cards will be for the top two participants that filled a complete tournament bracket. Only listeners are eligible to play. And of course, no members of the hhwshow or clovercrest can win the prize.

In order to win, you must submit a full bracket to the hhwshow by responding to the blog or join our social media pages.

All the rules and guidelines are located in hhwshow.com home page.

Each week, we will post an episode and announce the winner per each match. We will convince each other on who should win and why. I will include your votes to eliminate any ties or discrepancy in each match. In our first episode, we will start with the East Regional first round.

We are very excited to get this new season started and giveaway free prizes. So what are you waiting for...fill out those brackets and submit it to us. The deadline is Saturday. April 18.

Good luck to our participants and Thank you for listening to the Hard Hittin Wrestling Show!