#ManiaChallenge2020: South Region Round 1


South Region Round 1

Triple H vs Brutus Beefcake

Triple H wins unanimously for his success compared to Brutus.

Booker T vs Eddie Guerrero

This match could have been a final four but they met early in the first round. Booker T has a slight edge by being on top head to head. It was a split decision that favored Booker T.

Dolph Ziggler vs Tito Santana

Tyler stated that Ziggler is a better performer, a better wrestler than Santana. He can expect an outstanding performance at any given time from Ziggler. It's a different era but if they were to meet, Ziggler would be able to defeat Santana. Ziggler unanimously.

The Undertaker vs. Ron Simmons

Undertaker wins head-to-head at 3-0. Taker wins unanimously.

Rey Mysterio vs. The Big Boss Man

Mysterio wins the royal rumble at entry number 2. He lasted over 62 minutes. Although it is proven that Mysterio has not defeated any tall heavyweights, votes were in Mysterio's favor at 4-1.

Christian vs. Mr. Perfect

These two superstars have some similarities. However, the vote favored Chrisitian in an extended vote in which came at the end of the show. Christian wins at a majority decision.

Daniel Bryan vs. Goldust

They never faced off in their careers but had been teammates. Bryan has more of a success than Goldust as Bryan had his WrestleMania moment. Bryan wins unanimously 5-0.

Randy Orton vs. Earthquake

Orton hears voices and is famous for the three letters in the greatest sports entertainment - R K O. Orton wins unanimously.